Reinventing the textbook and the classroom of the future

[Français] Last week I was in Paris doing 3 workshops with kids and with the visit of the Minister of Education and Research of France on Friday march 12. The 3 workshops were about: 1) How can kids reinvent the classroom of the future that I described in an earlier post. 2) The other workshop was […]

Design as Participation

[Français] Once again, I’m fascinated with another article in the Journal of Design and Science published by the MIT Media Press, now with the following article called: “Design as Participation” by Kevin Slaven. So again, I wanted to share some excerpts, thinking in how I can find the balance between this approach and the Design Thinking approach. […]

Design and Science

[Français] After reading the article “Design and Science” in the Journal of Design and Science published by the MIT Media Press, I’m fascinated with the intersection point between these two fields and I wanted to share some excerpts from the article. [Après avoir lu l’article « Design and Science » dans le Journal du même nom et publié par […]