Storytelling and connected objects workshop with Learn Do Share Paris

[Français] To finish our collaboration in the Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things project, Learn Do Share Paris organized a storytelling and connected objects workshop and they gently invited me to make the connected objects part. [Pour finir notre collaboration dans le projet Sherlock Holmes et l’internet des objets, Learn Do Share Paris a […]

EngageLAB – A new approach of Design Thinking inside the Classroom

[Français] I’m working with an elementary school teacher here in Poitiers in a new project in which we are trying to develop a new method to adapt the Design Thinking approach to a 1 hour session, solving real problems imagined by a community of teachers, experts and students. [Je travaille avec un enseignant d’école primaire (CM2) dans un […]

Welcome back to Kreative Baum

[Français] Thanks to my Master’s in Engineering of Medias for Education at the University of Poitiers in France and because is the first time that I’m mixing entrepreneurship, research and education, I decided to concentrate the information of my experiences and findings in this blog to document all my process of research in the fields […]